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Welcome Melrose usa,Inc is world wide export from California since 2010.   
Made in Japan brand parts imports for
Engines, Trans, Turbo, Spoiler, Electronics, Racing parts from Japan as well.New order parts and automobiles will be Air shipping or Ocean shipping for your company or individual place as well as possible.We also offer,Lot many parts could be make arrange packing or develop in container. When you have to shipping for big size or lot many gross total parts. That Container Exporting Service would be most popular shipping for world service .Parts Containers can include Front Cuts, Rear Cuts, Roof Cuts, Nose Cuts, Body Shells, Engines, Transmissions, Small Parts, Interior Parts, Body Parts, Suspensions, Drivetrain,wheels,tires

We also offer,Thank you for appreciate , Contact us now to estimate the fees and charges that would be develop apply to your parts container.  Just ask!!


Car & parts include Container    

 Could you choose container size 40" or 20"fo your business.
New parts order would be search online with ebay,yahoo,craigslist,aftermarket,OEM,GM-parts.
 Free estimate service.We aslo offer,The engine provide super good price deal for your business!!

Import Japan engine.

American brand parts, online available here.
GM parts,Ford,Mopar,online available here.
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