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California Car Dealer and Parts Wholesaler
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  Welcome Thank you for your viewing melrose usa,Inc in california car dealer and parts wholesale.We company has been export & import from U.S.A. or japan for cars or parts to worldwide.when began in 2010.we also offer,melrose japan corp since as well as possible.

We are passionate about collector cars of all makers and cars.That company was established in japan since 1994.
We company has provide trading for collector car enthusiast form direct japan service as well...Most GT-R have you fun.Just like you Japan engine  SR20DET,RB26DETT,Vtec Sir,4AG,2JZ-GTE,diesel-engine,truck-engine,turbo-kit,suspention,body-kit,spoiler,electric,tools,wheels,tires,etc. Click serach here.

Melrose usa,Inc company is provide to making it easy export and easy import cars or parts to buy and sell for collector car owner a successfully business. Best your collector car would be turning or repair parts of the online order or dealer car auction and yahoo japan auction choose order from japan location of direct Japan worldwide shipping service  "Melrose Japan factory direct". Click parts here.

Melrose usa,Inc or melrose japan factory has quick distribute packing or develop for order parts and automtives.We also offer,that units has most make packing in container40"or20" better arrange shipping fees.Just ask vessel.
  All international parts has been shipping available by container or Roll-on Roll-off.Our open system gives you the best available shipping rates at actual cast (not cost plus margin) .that you have actual proof or you have only vessel fright charge plus forward land transport on your bill landing (BL) system.if you already hold a shipping rate,when please send us a copy notice.we hope our freight forwarders will be see to match or better that rate. Click here for the shipping searvices from worldwide.

We also offer,our vehicles inspects service or dismantling or repair ,tuning,custom order,performance parts  has been provide vehicle vin decorders for Japanese vehicles by datebase.Click here for vehicle build information on individual Japanese vehicles decorders tools. EPC catalog.FREMENO.

We company has been a pioneer in offering impoters from japan or U.S.A. an open sourcing system.that an open sourcing system gives you access to everything, that is available in the japanese domestic or U.S.A. domestic market,dealer,auction,retailers,wholesalers,recyclers,private-sellers.this means that you can buy like an insider.which gives you the most choice and best prices. our mission must be worldwide for collector car owners. Los Angeles: 1957 W.Carson St.,Suite103,Torrance, CA90501
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