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   Worldwide Export & Import Fees Information  

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Open source Billing System. (OBS)
    We company is export and import fees all flat rate service of  (S1,000=Y100,000) applies per vehicle. With Billing System.
The billing system is simple and easy efficient and transparent.A flat service fee is charged per vehicle or unit.This means you only pay for the services your required.And you can use your current sales to invest in stock for next shipment for ongoing profits. Also you confirm for total profits and loss with your stock and fright forwading fees and flat service fee or billed at cost is charged per vehicle or unit.

Freight Forwarding
    Freight forwarding fees are billed at cost and you receive your own notice copy of the freight forwarders account for verification. This account clearly itemises the charge such as Japanese  or USA customs clearance fees,Ocean freight,Container drayage,Terminal handling charges etc.This means you have genuine proof  that, when you have been billed in the actual cost of freight forwarding and shipping seravices.
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Auto Parts Containers
Auto parts or dismaning cut parts or bulk parts is billed at cost and a service fee per.That parts is billed separately
Special order parts is billed at delivered cost and a flat rate service fee per part and order applies.That contact us now to estimate the fees and charges.Also that would apply to your parts container.
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Actual Examples Shipping
    Nissan Skyline GT-R (1990-R32)      S10,000
Storage at Exporp at factory depot while import serach approvals are obtained free.
 Trucking to port 1 vehicle     S80      (most near port transport )
Freight Forwarding & Japanese custom fees     S120    (USA too)
MELROSE CORP service fee 1 vehicle     S1,000
F.O.B. single vehicle shipped Roll On-Roll of vessel.     S11,200

  We also offer,Thank you for appreciate , Contact us now to estimate the fees and charges that would be develop apply to your parts container.  Just ask!!  

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